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Marina Bay Sylvan Lake Realtor - Carl Stepp
Welcome to our Marina Bay resource section and real estate portfolio entry. Marina Bay in Sylvan Lake is one of the nicest places to live in Central Alberta, positioned just along the Foothills of the Rocky Mountains, to our west Hwy 11, leads directly to Rocky Mountain House, and through to the Nordegg area, and you can link up to the Ice-Fields Parkway, with endless mountain recreation.

Marina Bay is located on the south shores of Sylvan Lake. View All Marina Bay Homes For Sale

We have extensive knowledge of the market in Sylvan Lake, and have specialized in the Marina Bay homes location over the years.

To the East, our neighbouring city, Red Deer, the Economic hotspot of Canada, is only a few minutes drive on the new Four Lane Highway, and this connects to the Queen Elizabeth II highway, the major corridor between the Capital of Alberta, Edmonton and the Oil and Economic Residential Growth City, Calgary. Both Edmonton and Calgary are 1 1/2 hours drive on a Four Lane highway the entire trip, either way.

Sylvan Lake is Alberta's vacation and resort community, with one of the cleanest lakes in Canada, spring fed, tons of economic potential, vast area's of undeveloped potential, it's no wonder Sylvan Lake has been recognized more than once as one of the fastest growing communities in Canada, based on population size. Sylvan Lake population is just over the 10,000 mark, as per our last census.

Increasing Marina Bay residential property values
Everyone wants quality of life, all the amenities, employment, potential for economic growth, which leads to increased property values. Sylvan Lake provides these qualities in abundance. New schools, recreation facilities for year round activities, the summer activities are endless as can be imagined. Jobs are plentiful with the construction industry, the oilfield and throughout the community, which translates to homeowner equity potential truly not experienced in the rest of Canada in towns of this size.

When you combine the quality of life, the overall enjoyment of living in a location of this splendor and beauty, combined with all the economic benefits, it truly is easy to welcome you out to Sylvan Lake. As your host through our beautiful community I will do my best to share with you all of the benefits of living in Sylvan Lake and the surrounding area.

Working for You - both as Listing Agent, and Buying Agent

When it comes to listing your Marina Bay property, we feel we can provide a truly positive environment and personal attention, combined with a professional winning approach to marketing your home. We currently utilize all the latest advancements and marketing techniques to fully show your home to the entire market. Our professional attitude and motivation keeps your house front and center in front of the buyers which ultimately for you, yields you the most money for your property. We understand that equity is built up for years in your home and we work to ensure you get the most out of your hard work and quality home.

Buying a home is a major decision, one which we feel equally qualified to assist you with. We know the area, all the subdivisions, all the surrounding locations, the property values, what's on the market currently and upcoming. We feel we can provide you with excellent service and professional advice in finding your new home, whether it's your first home, second, or investment property.

We look forward to talking with you and feel free to just inquire, we know from experience, just enquiring about the potential of purchasing can be rewarding and daunting at the same time. We use a no pressure, we are here to help approach, be sure to take the time to contact us.

Welcome to the Central Alberta Corridor

When discussing a new location to reside or retire the Corridor between Edmonton and Calgary has some very interesting points which make Marina Bay in Sylvan Lake one of the most desirable locations in Canada. The per capita gross domestic revenue is $7000.00 higher than the USA and this puts Canada second only to Luxembourg. The jobs and employment is strong throughout the Central region and most of Alberta remains very busy.

Alberta is the only debt free province and provides all Albertans with no provincial sales tax, we Albertans also have the lowest personal tax rates and with 3.2 million people, recreational lifestyle is a top priority. The only thing missing in the Central Alberta Corridor is an abundance of recreational lifestyle properties, thus making Marina Bay a prime destination and real estate hot spot.

Waterfront property has continually increased in demand over the years and now the reality of the scarcity of high quality lakefront means the prices are going to remain very strong and properties will be in great demand. There is no better time to invest in Marina Bay, call us and we'll be pleased to show you the finest lakefront living in Central Alberta.